Thursday, September 16, 2010

Football, Soccer and Family

Alex, Kevin, Adrianna, Ari, Savannah, Sydney, Garrett and Uncle Larry

Uncle Larry and Uncle David Ari, Adrianna and Sydney

Alex, Savannah and Bug

What a day!! Saturday the 11th we went to Savannah's soccer game then to Garrett's football game then to my Cousin Alex's soccer game. My aunt Mary, Uncle David, Uncle Larry, Kevin, Eric and Adrianna were all there to help cheer on all the kiddos. My cousin Ari won her soccer game and the other three won their games as well. What a successful game. Savannah scored a great goal and Garrett did awesome in his game. It was a long, hot, very fun day. Thanks everyone!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor day at the Zoo!!

Garrett as a Longhorn....That was hard to say out loud :)

G trying to hide his Longhorn face

Garrett and Savannah with their Cowbells for running the Holy Cow 5K G got 3rd and Savannah got 2nd in their age group. Both came in right at 30 minutes.

First day of 5th grade

Lisa, Me, Jinni and Malaini after good eating!!

Garrett eating frosting off of Syd. This is what happens when they watch her.

G pulling in a river monster!!

What a catch!

Savannah at a swim meet

The crew at the Boulder Resivoire

I'M SOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy fourth of July!!

Talia and Syd at the Boulder Res.

Happy Birthday Weirdos!!!

At the Beach in Florida

Watch out for that wave!!!

Surf's up!!

Happy 60th

It is now Labor day and I have been yessed at multiple times to update the blog. I will keep it brief with a lot of pictures. The last post was in April so since then, we had my Mom's surprise 60th birthday (May), went to Texas and to Florida (June) Garrett and Savannah turned 10 on June 28th (OMG!! Where did that decade go?!?!) Garrett and Savannah did swim team. We did a lot of remodeling in our house due to the new addition. My Mom and I re-painted Savannah's room to give her a Pre teen room, we kicked Garrett out of his room so that the two little girls could share a room. Garrett now has what used to be our office and now the biggest room in the house!! We took out our hot tub room and made that our new office. I swear I will never pick up another paint brush in my life!!

We satarted another school year a couple of weeks ago. Garrett and Savannah are now in fifth grade. Holy cow they are going to have teh "big talk". Not so sure if we are ready for that!! Savannah keeps us busy with her competitive soccer schedule. Garrett is in his second year of football. He is QB again and get ready for this......................He is playing for the Longhorns. His coach gradutaed from UTA (same school as Billy and I) and graduated in the late 80's. His assistant coach is a grad from Texas Tech. One of his teammates uncles was at the game This past weekend and played little league with Billy in Abilene Texas. Knows the whole family. If that isn't crazy I don't know what is. The funniest thing about the whole thing is that Garrett, Savannah and I always give Billy a hard time about Texas. Garrett always said he would be QB for CU. Garrett came up to me and told me that his coach wanted hime to hold his fingers up like UT does and say "Hook 'em Horns". I told him he had my permission to tell his coach it was against his religion. His coach answered back with the team running out onto the fiels with a longhorn flag. OK I loose!! :)

Sydney has been batteling some sort of illness. Not too serious but scary. She has been sick quite a bit the last few months. A week at a time with only a high fever. She has had strep throat and an ear infection but after multiple times in the doctors and urgent care, two rounds of blood work and UA's they are pretty confident she has what is called Periotic Fever Syndrome. It is exactley what it sounds like. She gets high fevers for a week at a time (high like 105) and then she is fine. They come around every 3 or 4 weeks. We gave her a dose of a steroid the last time it happened and it knocked it out on the first day of fever. The good thing is is that it could last 1-2 years and burn itself out. She will grow out of this thank God!!

I am doubleing up on my Masters right now so I will be done in December instead of May. Billy will finish his in May. I am now 7 months pregnant and I think I am carrying a twenty pounder!! Her name will be Avery Jo.

So this is a longer post than I anticipated. Enjoy the pics!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Well I had the day off......well sort of, for Memorial Day so I thought I would update you all on the Martin Clan. So much has happened in the last month and a half. We will start April 8th when we added a new addition to the family. Grady Finn was born to Nessa and Sean. Aiden is now a big brother and loves him so much!!! That same weekend, Billy's brother Eric came out to visit and to look for a place. He is moving out here in two weeks. He graduated from Med school and is doing his residency in Colorado! Billy is thrilled!! April 17th was a big milestone in the lives of Garrett and Savannah. They were finally baptised.........YEAH!!! It was a great time. Billy's parents came out and we celebrated with great friends and my family as well. May 5th Garrett and Savannah starred in their first play. "Knights of the Rad Table". Savannah had multiple parts and was great! Garrett, my quiet one, had one of the main Knight parts and I about peed my pants watching him. I saw a side of him I did not know existed!!! The whole play was awesome! We finally ended soccer for Garrett so now he is only doing baseball and Savannah finished her season winning second place in the championship match this morning. According to her, "we did not work this hard and come out here this morning to get second"!!! She cried for a good hour after the match........Oh she is her Mama's girl!! This is the last time she will play with these girls. They have been together for the last 2 years. What great coaches they had, great parents and great group of girls. I am sure Savannah will be on a team with some of them in the future, but it is a sad day. Syd is growing like a weed and hilarious. She keeps us laughing. She is definitely turning into a little individual. Sleep is not her strong point but she loves mimicking anything and everything we all do. She is all over the place and just a very happy little girl. I am excited that the summer is almost here so we can all hang out and enjoy each other more.

AND FOR THE BIG NEWS..............................................................The update on Billy and I...................We have been in hiding and quite a bit in shock. Sydney is going to be a big sister!!! Yes this is not a typo!!! We will be adding to the Martin Crew this coming November. I am just shy of 4 months. It has pretty much taken this long for us to come to grips with everything. I am definitely showing but do not have anymore wonderful symptoms. Savannah is out of this world excited but Garrett sees the work that comes with a baby.......what a little man already!! Those of you who know the Zorn's (Lisa and Ryan), we are a week earlier than they are!! We will find out in a couple of weeks what we are having. Cross your fingers for a boy, but pray for a healthy, happy little one!!

Well that is about it. I know I have probably missed a few things but will have more time to update now that summer is coming! Enjoy the many pictures that this post holds!!

Garrett and Savannah's baptism

Pops and Savannah make a duct tape purse

Grady Finn is born

Baby Grady

Monday, April 5, 2010

Sledding/Spring Break and Easter

Again it has been a few weeks since I have updated the blog. Life is over as we know it until June. With both Garrett and Savannah in soccer, Garrett in baseball and Savannah in Volleyball, we do not have a break until June. Yes even on Sundays!! CRAZY is the word to describe our lives. I feel like such a zombie most days!!! We have had crazy weather lately. From snow days to 82 degree weather. It is back and forth pretty much weekly. Gotta love spring in Colorado!! The last picture is Sydney's first time sledding. She LOVED IT!!! Then we went on to spring break after that. We went swimming, to the zoo, to the Museum (where they had a little section called Discovery Zone for toddlers) and to the outlet stores. We also hit games and practices all week. It was nice and relaxing. I loved being able to spend the time with the kids. I missed them all today as I headed into work. The first few pictures were from Easter. It was a beautiful day. Even Syd got into the hunt this year. Enjoy!!

My beautiful Children!!

Syd in her Easter Dress (thanks Judd's!!) Garrett with his handsome smile!

Savannah with her new Easter dress. So pretty!

Lego's from the Easter bunny!

Savannah and her new dress

Don't worry. When Syd got up after this face plant, she got out to do it again!! Hilarious!!

Discovery Zone. Did I say it was for toddlers? Garrett and Savannah had a blast!!

Nothing like dirt in the hair!!

Merry-go-round fun!! I got dizzy!! Pathetic!

Savannah, Syd, Garrett and Yuta at the zoo in the Cadddy wagon. (Thanks Nana and Pops!)